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2002-02-17 04:58:36 (UTC)

my bi experence....

I know you boys are there will love this, all the same I
wanted ti share it for everyone.
I am Bi and I'm proud of it. I enjoy sexy and I don't care
who it is with, but I am careful and picky.

About 3 months ago I meet Lisa. This girl was AMAZING. She
was 5'9'' (I like tall men and tall girls) with these huge
melans. They were like huge cantalopes. She had a killer
ass too... walked like she knew it too ;)

I ran into her at this game story (was shopping for
the "recent" man I was with) I asked if she had any tips or
ideas. She showed me around and gave me several ideas...I
didn't listen to a word of it. I just stared at her and
wished I could taste that! She smiled and as she reached
for a game on the floor, she flashed me some bare pussy
under her skirt. I started to reahc out for it, but
stopped... she saw and whispered, "If you want you can
touch." I nearly jumped her right there, SHE WAS A LESBIAN!
woooohoooo. I grabbed her ass and asked where and when. She
said in the back and now. She told her boss she was taking
me in the back to see this new game they just ordered and
showing me how to play it. He said fine, not really even

She took my hand and RAN to the back, turning and RIPPING
open my button shirt... buttons flying. She grabbed my bra
less tits and started sucking on them, while I moved fast
and started playing with her already wet pussy. God she
felt great. I wanted to taste her but she wanted to go
first. She pulled my shirt off and while sucking on my
nipple she pushed me short to the floor, and I stepped out
of them. I was also panty less that day ;) She played with
my ass, fingering it and pinching it, while biting my necka
nd playing with my tongue. She had me going crazy. I wanted
her badly too. She leaned back and whipped out this dildo
form her bag.. I said I could do better, pushed her back on
the boxes, and started licking her cunt. God SHE TASTED
GREAT!! I focused on her clit right away, driving her to
orgasm fast and quick, but I continued to finger her and
lick up her juices. She was screaming by now, loud too. But
her boss never bothered to check... or didn't hear it. I
played with her tits some more as she asked me to lick her
ass... I did and fingered her pussy some more. She fingered
me as well, which made me work harder on her pussy, givign
up on her ass. God it was a good day. We ended after her
5th and my 3rd. She was good... I will give her that. We
relaxed and made out while she dressed me and I dressed
her... which is hard when you are so focused on teasing and
touching hehe ;)

I haven't beenw ith a girl sence that day... and she was
the third girl I had been with. That day when I got home I
ROCKED my "man at the time"'s world! hehe ;)

But now I have my Tommy... and I won't do another girl
unless he wants to try a threesome. ONLY way cause I think
Tommy is BETTER in bed than any girl ;)