Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2002-02-17 04:46:48 (UTC)

Interesting time at the mall with friends

I had Friday off, so i spent a lot of it with my girlies
going to the mall trying on sexy cloths... hooking my
friends up... laughing when they bombed LOL.

We went into Fredircks of Hollywood for my panties and
other "wonderful" things... and toys. Well my buddy was
checking out this hottie outside the store, making sure
to "check" if they sexy outfits might be her and he would
keep winking when she grabbed an outfit. well I go behind
her, he can't see me and tell her she should go get some.
(right around the corner is the bathroom hall way... its a
hall way and then curves left or right.) So she winks at
the boy and starts walking towards him. They guys friends
walk a ways off and watch, while my buddy takes him hand
walks him down the hallway and PUSHES up against the wall
to the right.... in matter of minutes you see a shoe go and
a shirt fly out... and then moaning and groaning. I was
laughing but cause it was something my buddy would NEVER
do! I so thought she would chicken out... she ALWAYS
does... After about 20/30 minutes she comes out, wiping her
mouth and fixing her shoe. The guy come sout with his shirt
ALL fucked up, fly not zipped and no left shoe, which he
runs to get. My buddy tells us tp keep walking and she
looks back and smiles. Then she grabs my arm and looks like
she is going to faint. She said she was nervous out of her
mind, but she GOT HIS NUMBER lol. he wrote it on her arm
when she was sucking his dick!LOL what a boob. hehe

Fun day!