My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-17 04:35:55 (UTC)

Band blahs...

i read the forth chap of heather's fic today!! it's
WONDERFUL! i heart it. lol. (go check it out at it's
userid=154837 (scroll to the bottom of the page and
click on A Face In the Shadows)) sorry but i felt the need to
advertise, lol

went shopping - slash - returning today... my mom thinks my shirt fr
vise versa looks like langerie (though it doesn't come remotely
CLOSE...) an she doesn't liek the jacket because it doesn't zip
closed (the retard's excuse for "i hate it") but it's all good i
guess, i got this nifty shirt instead, it's kinda brownish and has a
small flower print on it. it dips low on the neck and for the lining
on the collar are two bands of beige lace that cross between the
boobs and connect to the side seams of the shirt... i could make
this one but, naw... i'm too lazy. i got a beigish undershirt to go
iwht this one because it's see through... i got a jean jacket and
skirt to add to that... then i'm waering my black boots wit it all.
i'm going back lata with becca to get a belt and some jewelery
(muawahaha, i love shopping)

welp, we had the Parent's Night Out band concert at some
church today. i dunno the name of it... Cameron goes
there. it's pretty close to my house too. it's out on the
highway. the church is pretty new, it was built this
summer? i think? (hehe its funny because they have
basketball hoops in their sanctuary, lol, must be a
contemporary thing i guess.

ick, band concerts. i utterly dispise those... well, kinda. i like
dressing up! and getting the chance to talk with nick,
he's a sweetheart. (the youth group is going over to his
house Sunday... i'm bringing dorito's. yum...)

Frosh band palyed first... we started with Gallant Marines (a
marching tune), then Highlights from Harry Potter (LOVE
that one! harry potter rocks my socks no matter what
anyone says!) and for our last number, we played Bulgarian
Folk Song ( i REALLY REALLY like this one too! it's bulgarian, if
you already din't know, lol) before we started, mr.T whispered
out "bacon!" (inside bando joke) the whole band laughed, and when i
turned, the audience was looking around like "what did he just
say!?!? what's going on?!?!" it was hilarious...

After our little diddies, i went back into the high
school's sunday school room where all the pizza was (while
we I was there, mr.T was performing his xylophone thing
and he was jumping around like a monkey heather said , and
i missed it! drat!) i sat & talked to Nick & Laura until
the Winds had to leave so Nick had to go warm up his boner
(actually trombone, hehe inside jokes are fun) and then me
& Jes left to go watch them perform... and we stayed to
watch the Upper class band perform too

then... clean up time (bummer) i had to assemble folders
in numerical order and put them in plastic tub things...
then i had to fold up table clothes, and the fold up the
tables... all in a short skirt... not fun... i thought we
were all done so i called my mom to come pick me up. we
WERN'T done though, but i asked mr.t if we could sign out.
he said no, not until we're finished, and i was
like "CRAP! my mom's already here waiting for me to move
my toosh and truck outta this joint, and i'm supposed to

well i ended up leaving cuz my mom was getting pissed at
me, so i'm not getting any of my points for staying and
helping, which is gonna seriously screw up my grade, but i
still get credit for playing, so maybe it's not gonna be
so bad... i hope...

Later Day's

Kara Jo