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2002-02-17 04:21:16 (UTC)

2/16/02 11:01:33 PM SAT NIGHT RADFORD VA

A library can be better than a museum. And much larger.
Imagine if you were to open all the books in a library and
frame every page, hanging them all on the walls. [We will
go ahead and not frame reference material], but novels,
journals, artwork. Imagine how big a building would have
to be constructed for all those hangings. Each page of a
book IS truly art [even on its own]. And you can even
touch it!

It’s amazing to pick up a hundred year old book and flip
through the pages, wondering how many generations before
you have picked up the same book. Look at the notes and
the highlights; imagine the hands that put them there. All
these thoughts are wonderful thoughts that can only be
found in a library.

I did just that today, I opened read (touched and smelled)
Yeats’ “The Hour-Glass” [which was a lucky pick…it’s an
excellent play]

The rest of the time I spent in the library was reading the
3rd part of Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, studying
business [accounting and economics], and flipping through
art magazines. I found some wonderful names I have never
heard before but I hope I remember [and people reading this
should check these out]:

Cy Twombly
Ah Xian
Bernd Haussmann

Their work caught my eye and attacked it, with ruthless