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2002-02-17 04:13:27 (UTC)


i don't think i used the right word for the title but i
haven't paid any attention to this journal at all i am not
even sure how many journals i can keep going. Well so far i
have two one online and the other in my handwritten
journal. Hmm - such a lonely diary this is i feel a little
bad for neglecting it the way i have. I have neglected
myself too so i guess it just played itself out in my
life. Well hey look here is another entry all typed and
ready to be published in my journal.

Haven't had cable this entier weekend- thats what i pay
20,000 a year for to go to this college.

There is a hot theatre boy that i am pretty sure is
straight but he always speaks to me when i see him. I am so
in love !! lalalalal

yeah i went to see " Rumors" tonight and yes i enjoyed it
very much!

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