My Life, My Problems
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2002-02-17 03:41:31 (UTC)

Hey Baby

Hey baby,
Wassup NmhJc Neways Happy belated Valentines day!!!!! I
really missed you but anyways on to the life outside of us.
First with your baby Kalyani. She is doing good....turned 8
weeks this past friday. Thats about it for her. Now
Calandra well this is going to be kinda long so let me get
started. Calandra first surgery went okay everything turned
out fine but when I took her in the other day because she
was complaining about really bad back pains they found
cancer in her kidneys. They are going to try chemotherapy
but they know it won't work probably then they are going to
try a combo of drugs and Immunotherapy. She is going
through alot for a 6 year old but she is going to do
better. I'm not ready for her to come see you yet. I mean I
know you are in a better place and you don't have anymore
pain but I'm ready to let her go. She was my first born and
I just can't lose her. When the nurses asked me how old I
was and I told them I was 17 they were kinda surprise to
see a 17 year old with a 6 year old and a 8 week old but oh
well. Well I'll talk to ya later. Luv ya lots 4ever. Your
gurlie J'Nell.

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