Forgotten Misery
2002-02-17 02:38:55 (UTC)

Events of the day

well slept till 11 got up ate some grilled cheese yumy!
then took a shower god it was so nice a nice hot warm
steamy shower with stress releiver stuff ahh i needed it so
much! Well then got online got an crushmaster thing couldnt
figure out who sent it so i put like all my fiends names in
so they got crush e-mails lol to funny! Well got off went
to walmart to drop off some film then went to blockbuster
rented some movies with the pops wacthed them and now im n
here and decieded to do a diff crush thingy so yup i wont
have any matches though cause no one loves me baby! im
bored im gona call adrain again she was so crackin me up.
o bad news the whole tired passin out and blackin out is
back in full force almost blacked out in class it was not
good so anyways i hope i can drive all the way to in ok
next weekend ......