A Trip Into My Life
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2001-04-29 19:43:55 (UTC)

In-love or Infatuation?

Okay, I guess that toady has been pretty cool despite the
fact that I am still unable to check my email. Why? I
dunno, but I wish I did.

I just got through watching *The Music Of My Heart* and
that movie is great. I love it!!! N'sync did a good job too
with the song. They are really talented.

I still can't get Dave out of my head. It's like every
single thing makes me think of him, and I can't stop. He's
just like so great in every way.

I am stil debating weither or not I should go pick up my
last pay check from Sonic on Saturday. I am totally not
going to take their bull crap. I mean I'm not going to get
into this big argument with anyone because I walked out.
I'm not even playing that game.

Well, I am out of here!

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