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2002-02-17 00:39:43 (UTC)

Yesterday and today

Yesterday John went to Albany and Corvallis with Gavin and
Hugh. Gavin bought some clothes and shoes for tracks as
well as a pair of work boots and Hugh deposited his
birthday checks in the bank. They bought milk and orange
juice for me using coupons, picked up some books I had on
reserve at the library, and then went to pick up Owen and
brought him home for his haircut at 5:30 p.m. Owen brought
his dirty laundry to do. It was nice to have all three boys

Jessica came over yesterday evening and she and Gavin had
pizza and soda and exchanged (belated) Valentine's day
presents. Gavin had already given her a card and a teddy
bear. He also gave her a white rose he'd bought in

This morning we went again to Albany, bought Owen some
clothes, did some grocery shopping and brought Owen back to
his dorm.

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