Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-17 00:39:25 (UTC)

Very Fast, Fast, Quick, Normally Paced, Slow, Leisurely, Motionless.

Yeah, that's about my last 2 years of life. (Jeez. Aren't I
a happy bunny). No, its a good thing, I love having spare
time, but I'd kinda like pressure to do stuff, ever, y'know?

I just wasted yet another evening, somehow, I'm not quite
sure, between 7 and 12 went lightning quick. And now I'm
left downloading with a room to tidy before 11 am. I've

I've opened my bottles of new Fruit Twist Fanta, too, well,
one of them, and its very, very nice. I recommend it.
Anyone reading in England can buy it buy one get one free
in Tesco at the moment (hence my 2 bouteilles).

Got to the record fair, bought Sly & The Family Stone
(Everyone under 25-ish "What? What in the name of Gordo the
Polish Trampoline artist"). Found out worrying things about
el chupacabra, (think nasty blood-sucking creature of myth
or reality fame) and used a lot of parentheses.

A mate of mine (I want to do names, but I daren't. Maybe
allot fake names, and pin them to my computer tomorrow. OK.
I'll do that)....I feel way sorry for him. This arose in
the Indian last night. And earlier in the week. I don't
know if I mentioned we were trying to fix him up with a
very cute girl in our Linguistics group, (why not me? I'm a
joyless reject, by all accounts) before Christmas, but
kinda failed. Not overly so, but time ran out on us, so she
went home. He didn't get chance until the start of this
term, and now she has a new boyfriend.

He's a very happy, very nice bloke, and thoroughly deserves
such a nice and pretty girl. I think pretty serves her
better than beautiful, she's more of a girl-ish face than a
woman-ish one. Anyway, now, we can't go anywhere out
without bumping into her and her new beau. And each time I
can see the joy in his eyes doused. It makes me feel so,
well, sad. So upset for him. He commented the other night
how he realised he misses her (even though they were never
quite together) and, well, it almost brought a tear to my

I've thought about it quite a lot today. Been quite a
wistful day, I suppose. Feeling a lot better for our
Saturday football routine though. A lot healthier.

WILT? Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations.