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2002-02-16 23:59:43 (UTC)

The green-eyed monster

It's my nemesis. Jealousy. I am the most jealous person on
this earth I swear. And not just when it comes to Scott but
regarding my parents and Kim and Phil and everyone. I'm
jealous of the Evil T just cuz she's with my baby and of
course I want to be with him. I get jealous when Mom's
friend Colleen monopolizes her time and thinks that Mom is
like HER mom and not mine and lately I've been jealous of
Kim's other friends. Like she was talking about one of her
friends the other day and how at school they are always
together and one of the professors asked if they were joined
at the hip and I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy.
Her and I used to get asked that all the time so I was like
"Dang! Is this chick trying to take my place as her best
friend? She better back off". I guess I'm just a little
temperamental because I realize we haven't gotten a lot of
time left together and I just really want to spend as much
time as possible with her before we have to go our seperate
ways. I'm still trying not to think of it that much because
it bothers me and I can't think of life without her, I just
can't. I mean I know in some form she'll still be around
but we won't be TOGETHER and that upsets me. Anyhoo enough
of the belly-aching.

Current mood: sad
Current music: "Cinderella"- Britney Spears