2001-04-29 17:55:42 (UTC)


i can be good today. i can have fun today. i can be proud
today. but am i? let me not know today let me walk on today
let me be free today so i could fly. fly in the sky way up
high down and up and back for more. i can walk proud today
i can be productive today i can be happy and free let
myself free. o the mountains are waiting for me to see
something. they want to show me this place this graceful
place. o stella goddess of the stars you are me and i am
you. careless whispers in the night. o how are you this
evening my dear? has your pendant be helpful. o how i hope
to see you again my friend. let me know that you are
wonderful. and i hope that that divine spark never burns
out. because i know this society has got a hold of you and
i know you are much stronger. if awareness is needed let me
help you.