A Closed Mind is An Open Book
2002-02-16 22:52:07 (UTC)

The Tangled Web I Weave...

*sigh* I'm stuck. I got myself into a mess and I'm not sure
how to get out of it. My car was taken away because I lied
about being at work and then I lied about where I really
was. I wasn't feeling too well that day, I was stressed
out, and I had just gotten into another wonderful argument
with my just as wonderful and equally loving parents. *note
the intentional sarcasm* My problem lies however not in the
fact that my car was taken away. I can walk to and from
work. It's getting to school and from school that is my
problem. Robbie told me to come live with him because that
way Charles could pick us both up and bring us both home.
But I know that would only add fuel to the fire. And if I
did that I would most likely have to quit my job because I
wouldnt have anyway of getting to and from work. I'm not
apologising to my parents. It wouldn't get me the car back;
it would only show that they won. I'm considering calling
Jenny, telling her I'm meeting her at Publix and get her to
take me to robbies house. Of course I know that wouldn't
make many people happy either. I wonder if I could call
Jenny and ask her if I could "stay the weekend with her". I
doubt that would work either. I'm in the middle of washing
my clothes. Once I have them all washed... I will figure
out what I want to do. Then I guess I will call Robbie and
let him know. I hope things work out. Because I can't take
screwing things up anymore than I already have.

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