a rop through my mind....
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2002-02-16 22:49:54 (UTC)


ah well...let's see....i got roses, dinner and a card for v-
day (when i wasnt' expecting anything)...yes, points won
for that :)

went skiing on friday, that was fun. the conditons were
decent, though my skis need to be sharpened and
waxed.....found myself at the house last night(after
watching part of good will hunting with liz and dana)
per usual.....found gabe's "missing" wallet...yeah, it was
in the pocket of the pants he had worn the previous day.....

on another note, i'm not adicted to fried foods, havent
eaten any since monday :) (be proud, or at least pretend
you are)....even at friendly's today when my sandwitch came
with fries or a salad, i chose salad :):):)

parents coming out to visit tomorrow...that'll be

don't really have too much to say at the i'll
let you get back to your lives ;)