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2002-02-16 22:22:02 (UTC)

lusty dreams, longing

I had a dream about richie last night...I was going to a
university, and we were doing a play, romeo and juliet.
Guess who was romeo and who was juliet, lol. Anyways it was
amazing to see him, even if it was just a dream. I felt the
attraction like sparks that I remember so strongly from
real life. We were always sneaking off together in the
dream (and in real life, but that's a different entry) and
part of it, we were down at a lake kind of like lake 16,
and we kissed underwater, came up for air and then went
down and kissed each other again. It was awesome,
beautiful. He told me that he was in love with me, and that
he had wanted to ask me to marry him before but he
couldn't. I know I know, my subconscious is a romantic
Anyway, so this morning I'm completely in love with richie,
feeling kinda like- boyfriend? boyfriend who?...I know
that's terrible, but you know the power of dreams...it's
like they can totally reset your mind sometimes. This will
mostly fade after a couple days. Goddamn I wish I could see
richie soon though. Just one more time, one more kissin
sesh, and then I'd go back with my boyfriend and be happy
and satisfied. Argh I shouldn't be thinking this way. My
mom told me I was flighty as a puff of air. I don't know. I
do love Josh more than anything, but sometimes my mind just
gets lusty and clouded. I will always try to be good to him
though, because he is so good to me. At least for right
now, we belong together.