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2002-02-16 19:18:18 (UTC)


That's right, we saw it OPENING NIGHT! You know you all
want to see it too and are jealous that we were brave
enought to go opening night;) SO yeah it wasn't that bad
actually. . . I'm pretty sure I laughed more that movie
than any other movie recently. It is kind of like Bring It
On. . so bad that it is good:) Quite hilarous to watch
actually definatly a must for our apartment next year.
Damn Snow Scrapers kept waking me up this morning every
time they drove by talk about annoying. Then I went to the
SAC with Jenny .and let me tell you I reallly enjoy the
new weight bars:) Definatly give them a try!
Now I will do some Homework because I LOVE IT!