A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-02-16 18:34:56 (UTC)

Saturday Again...

saturday 02.16.02

first i would like to say thanks a bunch to da people who
read my diary and sent me messages. i knew that anyone
with a diary thru dis site can read mine, but i didn't
expect anyone to spend time reading about my twisted thanks dearest strangers! =)

it's good o' saturday again. dunno what i can do today
yet, but as long as i know he's not visiting me today, then
everything i'll just play it by ear. nothing special to
worry about.

he left me a voice msg last nite telling me to call him
back. and of course i did...for like 20 times! i kept
calling and calling and calling but he didn't answer. god,
that got me frustrated. and i knew myself well enough to
know that if i dont get back to him, im gonna have no luck
falling asleep. i called him again this morning, just to
hear him say that his phone was left on silent da whole
nite and he didn't realize that til this morning.
great....*sigh* oh well, as long as i know he's alive and
well, then it's kool ...

one thing did turn out good out of this whole thing tho. i
get to save his voice msg and listen to it again and again,
especially when i can't talk to him, then i can just listen
to his voice. he mite not know this, but i've done this
before. one time, he left me a msg and i was listening to
it for weeks. but it eventually got deleted on its own. i
was pissed!!...oh probably da only gurl krazy
enough to do something like that...

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