The Life of a Fairy! }}{{
2002-02-16 18:34:35 (UTC)


everyone x-cept my sis is sick!my dada has been sick the
longest.hes beenoutof work for a week,which isnt good(i
goto a private shit school)im fine now x-cept for hacking
my lungs up every now and then.i hear da fone,its jessica
most likely,she is calling me so i can go to her house,she
is my best friend,she so friking awesome,her parents are so
nice,and she has a sister who is nice sometimes,but
sometime she can get on your nerves,but i love her whole
familly(dearly not querly!) i think a hacking is coming
on,yep it is(cough cough,hack hack) i hate being sick,it
feels like crap!well,of course.coronoto! i hate this
*!@$^@* co,oh coronoto,i forgot how to spell
it.couphing,cou urggggg.this is gonna make me mad.oh,every
one dowload the song in the middle by jimmy eat world,its
such a good song! dead gommit,someone help me spell
coufing,cou,im looking it up in da dictionary!
attention,birthday,brain(something i dont have),bulletproof
(dont like),cabin,callus(ewwww),care,cough!i thought that
was it,but i was so out of my imaginary mind,i am so
odd.jessica when you gonna call?call jessica,call!well i go
to go now,goodbbye!

-jin-jin,the tree ^.~

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