2002-02-16 18:30:33 (UTC)


man, why does cleaning have to suck so bad. damn that
entropy. i forgot who's law it was...newton or einstein
that said everything goes to disorder. things are in a
high state of energy when in order and dissipate that
energy when in disorder. thermo baby. wow, i guess i
didn't forget everything from school. it's scary though
cuz all the money you paid for that diploma and those
lectures and forget alot of it. makes you
wonder. i think employers don't really expect you to
remember all that shit...just to see if you can process
info fast use it. i should be doing laundry and vacuuming
but i'm procrastinating. hahah. haven't written in this
thing for like a month but i start writing when i need to
clean. tight.