The lost little girl
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2002-02-16 17:32:32 (UTC)

LA LA LA...!

well just for the record, i'm fully aware i didn't write
yesterday...i had a strange day and i am not gonna get into
ok..well i have some awesome news!! Carole and Ron and
Sebastian are coming home tuesday. Yes ..finally! this is so
great. i actually got to call Carole last night. my mom kept
prepairing me for talking a little spanish to the people at
the from desk...and to my amazement...i hear " hello, may i
help you" in very clear english..all the little people in my
head begin to happy dance ( YES!!!!)..." um hi, may i please
speak with Carole (-----)?" .." yes just hold one moment"
now this was odd i hear people laughing their complete asses
off in the backgroud...i hear babies making noise and a
very loud voice saying " CAROLE? CAROLE?"..." hello this is
Ron (-----)...how can i help you?" ..." Hey ron!"
" who is this?" " ron it's jane...:)!".....it was kinda
funny. but i did get to talk to carole. only for 6 mins.
though...stupid phone cards. anyway...
i don't have anything else to say today so i am gonna leave
you here! :) :) :) !!!

Daily Quote:
"ONLY THE COOL KIDS EAT CHUNCHY M&M'S!!" - kate trying to
force feed me M&M's...in a car...while laughing are asses
off...not really a pretty site if you ask me!

oh what the hell i'll give you another one to make up for yesterday..

" ok..everyone OFF THE DINOSAUR or the party's over!" - Ashton Kutcher on Leno