The Other Diary
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2002-02-16 16:56:13 (UTC)

Nothing much to do today

So last night.... I once again gauged out my ears. It hurt
but not necessarily in a bad way. So I'm watching The Whole
Nine Yards, is it only me who doesn't think this Jill chick
is cute? She has HUGE teeth. I mean HUGE, its hard to look
at her face and not see her teeth. In fact, its hard to
even see her face. Strange....
So whats the verdict.... get a facial piercing, or let my
face be as different as it is without leaving a permanent
scar. I'll wait for your input. Not that I will probably
take it too seriously.
I'm going to the veach with 5 boys. 5 freakin' boys. And NO
girls. I'm going to be the only girl there. And there is
only one bathroom. Try and tell me thats not disgusting.
I'm going to need so much air freshener. I can't even
fathom the amount I'm going to have to haul down there with
me. And did I mention I'm going to the beach with 5 BOYS.
This means I have to lose 10 lbs like lickity-split. Or
maybe 15. Grr. Not that any of them would notice. Its all
about the way I feel. If I feel like a repulsive heffer
chances are I'm not going to be as much fun when I'm there.
Because I won't want to be seen dead in a bathing suit
which rules out swimming, tanning or basically anything to
do with the beach in general - and thus defeating the
purpose of even going to the beach. So I NEED to lose 15
So I have a friend- well, an acquaintance if you will - who
is obviously anorexic. And as much as I understand why she
would do that I really can't help feeling bad for her.
Mainly because now she is so skinny that everytime she
smiles her face caves in and quite frankly its scary. But
she used to be about 40 lbs too heavy and it was pretty
grose. Now shes about 50 lbs too light. Shes like 5'8" shes
supposed to weigh more than 90lbs. And the "oh I just don't
like to eat" excuse is starting to get old because.... food
isn't something you can just cut out of your life. Well,
unless you wanna die soon. Which I don't think she does.
Some people are fuckin' weird.

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