my life (as told by me)
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2002-02-16 16:38:13 (UTC)


ok it's the 16th, and it's finally break. i've been looking
forward to this for like the past forever. lol. anyways,
school sucked this week. well mainly math cuz mr romano is
a loser and gave us a fricken test after he hadnt been
there all week and none of us knew what we were doing. so,
cuz my tutor came on thursday, connie and me cheated and
had my notes out so we'd pass the test. we're so evil but
oh well it's mostly romano's fault. ok and britt and me
went to the movies last night and she made a new friend! he
was so cute! lol. except he told on britt for sticking her
tounge out at him. and we went to friendly's and left the
waitress a tip in change. i dont even know how much we left
her. but oh well. and we didnt get a damn balloon. hm what
else. oh yes, i teased a lobster at price chopper. now that
was just funny as hell. he kept trying to bite me. the
movie we saw was really cute. even though it was a little
kid movie. no one cares! ok well today we're havin company,
and i'm in a really hyper mood cuz things are starting to
look really good for me. i'm almost sure of this, but i'm
not gonna go doing anything stupid. well, time to break the

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