emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-02-16 16:03:32 (UTC)

dumb boys

school yesterday was ok. nothing too great. the ride home
with mike and ameerah was crazy. haha.

theres realy no one online right now...or just no one i
would wanna talk to...

and im...something. not sad. not happy. not lonely. not
mad. i cant figure it out. and i couldnt sleep last nite. i
treid but couldnt. i didnt fall asleep til 230ish...

and last nite nicole and i went to lynnhaven mall, and then
to get bellotti and nicole went to eat and then we went to
starbucks and we walked around colley and...that was about
it...i think...

adam is gone for the weekend. oh, which reminds me, i saw
james at the mall when i was there...but adam will prlly be
back sunday?

and we have no school on monday!

wonder what ill do?

uh, i cant stand boys. theyre so complicated and moody.
and seeing as how im fickle, when i do start to like a guy,
its a big deal to me because by the time i actually really
like him i want him to like me and if he doesnt.....i dont

i have no idea what im gonna do today. maybe go around
ghent with belo to take pictures?

so- later alligator!

:] stef