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2002-02-16 15:32:13 (UTC)

Me and the girls met this man on the river yesterday

It was kinda like when we walked to the hole, there was a
man there sitting on a ice chest next to a campfire,he ask
us to all join him,so we did,KAYLA seen that he was
drinking MGD and caught a smell of marijuana smoke in the
air,he noticed that BOBBIE JOE's eyes were bloodshot,ask us
out of the blue if we toked,KAYLA said, fucking a ME and
her do,but the others'll just do without,so we matched each
other joint for joint,drank a beers then he said that he's
outta'here,strange thing though,he never said his name or
nothing,he was there and then he was gone,GABRIELLE went to
the road looking for him,she said,uh,where is he, maybe
we'll see the man on another adventurous walk to the river
later on