This isn't life !
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2001-04-29 14:39:11 (UTC)

Whith a little help from my rfriends

Yesterday I went to a little party whith my friends, we
were only about 15, but we had a lot to drink. All of us
were totally drunk, that was a nice night. My ex was there,
I wanted to talk with him about us breaking up, because
when I'm drunk I can say whatever I think, but he did as if
he was too drunk to answer to my questions. I know he
wasn't. Anyway, I've had a very good time whith my friends
Marianne, Pauline and Florian, we talked for a long time,
we laughed about anything, so as everytime we're drunk.
It's the main thing I like about being drunk : everybody
understands you, you have the feeling that you're
wonderful, that everybody's wonderful, that nothing can
hurt you because you have friends and that's the most
important. I love my friends, they're the greatest people
in the world, I don't know what I'd do whithout them.
They're always there for me, I've known them for 10 years
for most of them, I've seen them crying when they got a bad
mark, they're like my second (or maybe my first) family.
There are people who say that the ones who have a lot of
friends don't have any in realty. They don't know what
they're talking about. I've a lot of friends,and okay, I
must admite that not every one is a very good friend, but
most of them are like brothers or sisters to me. And I know
that when we're 50, we'll still meet and have fun together,
and talk about the old good time, when we were young and