faiien angei

a day in the life...
2002-02-16 11:25:37 (UTC)

lying bastard

goathead: hey baby
me: hey...so what's going on tonight?
goathead: i dunno man, i think i'm just going to go home. I
drove up here with Jaime and he has to work tomorrow...
ne: that sucks..you're no fun at all!
goathead: yeah i know, we didnt even get to fuck in the
bathroom, hell we didnt even make out.
me: ha ha funny...fuck off.

inturpted by psycho ex girlfriend: so, are you going to be
around tonight?
goathead: yeah! I'll see you later.

(i thought he was driving home)

goathead: do you want to have lunch tomorrow?

(i thought he was going home)

me: it's my mom's birthday
goathead: oh, well i'll call you tomorrow anyway to see if
you can do anything.

(i thought he was going home)

me: whatever...i guess i'll talk to you tomorrow then.

i bet the psycho ex is thrilled that i'm not going to be
around tonight. she doesnt even know me yet has me pegged
as his LA whore. what the fuck ever. She's just bitter
cause she's in love with him and she cant have him
or can she?

he's never lied to me to hang out with her before. he
always told her that i was going to be around and if that
she had a problem with me, then she could stay away.

what the fuck ever. boy are dumb.
i just wish that things could be good again. Maybe i'm just
overly paranoid. maybe he was just going to stop by so and
so's for a bit before going home and she was going to be
there...but why would he ask me out to lunch unless he had
the intentons of staying the night in LA? and why would he
stay the night out here and not hang with me? he's never
done that before! never!!!!!!!!!!