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2002-02-16 08:46:56 (UTC)

Dreamscape-Twisted as fuck Psychiatrist

This dreamscape was about a psychiatrist with a a penchant
for driving his patients to destroy themselves, rather than
help themselves.

I was an observer in this dreamscape, not a participant.
The psychiatrist was in the middle of a 'session' with a
patient. The patient stood poised atop a high diving
platform above a large beautiful swimming pool. The
swimmer was a professional and in training for an important
dive. The psychiatrist stood at the edge of the pool
speaking with the diver as he prepared to jump. The diver
was handsome and mulatto.
The psychiatrist was causing a great amount of anxiety in
the mind of the diver. The diver became agitated and the
pshchiatrist plumbed deeper & deeper into his mind. I
don't know what specific problem they were working on,
however, the diver became more agitated and began backing
away from the edge of the diving platform.
The Psychiatrist was deliberately confusing and fucking
with the divers mind.
The diver became so agitated that he suddenly jumped and
instead of jumping into the water, he jumped toward the
edge of the pool.
He landed head first into the concrete edge of the pool,
clearly missing the water. The psychiatrist stood by
silently, quite pleased with himself.
The diver lay crumpled, with his neck horribly twisted &
bloody, quite dead.
The psychiatrist was very pleased. This was the third time
he had successfully caused the complete destruction of a
patient. I sense that each triumph was different, a
different undoing of the patients mind, which resulted in a
violent, twisted ending for the patient, though I cannot
recall what occured in the previous 2 patients final
demise, whether it was physical death, mental, or both.