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2002-02-16 07:45:02 (UTC)

a beginning entry

Dear ...well... dear diary,

My name is Mary Ella I am 19 yrs old from Louisiana
but now living in San Francisco. Lets just start out my
diary with a little bit about me. I am a high school
graduate.. i graduated last may of 2001 . 4 days after i
graduated i moved to Yosemite National Park, CA where i was
a rafting attendant...awesome!!On July 29 I moved to San
Francisco, Ca where i am now living with 4 turkish people i
am the only american in the house .Its so interesting but i
like it.

blah blah blah.. i hate to make these entries so damn
boring especially when others are reading.

I work in berkeley, Ca at a place called Java City. its a
real cool place to work and great people too!

You ever have those times when you start to write
something and its like you feel like you have a world of
crap that you could say but you just cant think of anything
when u actually start? i hate that.. lol