An Unusual Pain
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2002-02-16 06:57:53 (UTC)


I wrote this when I was a junior in H.S. for my creative
writing class we were doing slam poetry and we had to write
about something in our life that made us really mad and
this was the first thing that came into mind, years after
my father left I was still pissed off I didnt even know how
much it bothered me till I wrote this. I dont know how
good it is but its the only poem I ever wrote that makes me
wanna cry everytime I read it.

This is for you cause you dont understand
Where I'm coming from
Mommy, Papi stop
Please stay, dont leave me
Like you always do.
I need you, I love you.
Go ahead and run away from me,
Like you always do.
I havent seen you in so long,
I hate you.
You left your life, my life and never looked back,
You said you would always love me but it doesn't show.
I heard you live with you're girlfriend and now you're
You look so different now,
I dont know who you are.
You only live in my memories,
because you're dead now.
Papi, I love you
Luis, I hate you

Its hard for me to explain,
Since you never seem to understand.
I love what you used to be,
I hate what you are now.
I'd like you to know that we never have enough,
When you left it was like a tornado hit us,
and it destroyed everything.
I have no faith, no trust in you,
Because you left us,
You held us together,
and now its you who holds us apart.
God said ask and you shall recieve,
I asked for you but you didnt come.
You should see us now,
We hate you,
We hate each other.
You always said to me,
Tina be strong and whatever you want will come to you
But I dont know how strong I am
Because what I wanted was you.

I'm trying to tell you we needed you,
but you left us for a bitch and drugs,
thats how much you loved us.

Damn thats kinda long and it didnt even make me sad this
time. Its not that great but I never wanted to be a poet.