Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-04-29 08:39:42 (UTC)

quickstep tto pain

I have come to an understanding with myself. I wanna be in
love. I want to yearn for another person. I want to be
able to hold some one when i sleep. I wanna kiss freely. I
would welcome the pain even if I knew it would end. At
least then I loved.

You know sex does not even top that list. I want someone
who understand me and accepts me. If there is any guy or
gal out there that would like a relationship with a kind,
caring, funny, sensitive man. Let me know. I like to read.
I like to hang out. I do that a lot. I love computers. I
am always on them. (See it is what I am doing now :P)

I want to be accepted and loved. Am I asking to much? I
know it is a tall order, but I think it is possible. I need
honesty. I hate being lied too. I like going to movies and
going out to a good dinner.

I love most movies. I love music. I like most kinds. I am
not the most patient person, but I do try. I do bitch every
now and then but who does not. Just tell me to stop
bitching. I am also very loving and tender. I like to
write poetry, but I have not written anything new in a bit.

I don't know that is me, do I sound that bad.

I am not the prettiest face on the planet, but I am not even
close to the ugliest. lol I am a big guy. A teddy bear if
you will, as some have called me. Thanks for listenign to
my rants and raves. Talk to you later.

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