Product of a Broken Home
2002-02-16 05:49:49 (UTC)

Jolly Good

...i've been reading british novels again...romance novels
at that. but they're sooo funny. i haven't laughed that
hard while reading a book since, well, george carlin {who i
still feverently recommend, especially to you chris, cause
you share a sense of cynism with ol' georgie}.

i'd like to say i won't go into details about the book, but
i will, and am. my most sincere apologies. first, there's a
character, named Lord Renquist, who speaks with an accent
{think twavis} and sniffs snuff. more plainly put, coke.

then there's the frenchman who went on and on about it
being a wonder there were any children in england, what
with all the lack of honor and stuff. he finally changes
his mind on this when the two main characters finally have
sex. and it takes them awhile. and they only do it once. i
was disappointed.

but enough on that.

i'm in a generally good mood today, despite the fact that i
had a huge blister on my foot today, from much walking. it
was nice. me and aaron got some things sorted out, and i
think its a little less soap opera-isque.

which reminds me, i think we should name the soap opera
that is our lives {and i don't just mean aaron and i, i
mean all of our lives, you know who you are} so,
suggestions would be apreciated. i'm not in a creative
mood, so if you don't help, i'll get megan to, and our last
attempt was "the old and the breastless"