Life (mine)
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2002-02-16 04:53:56 (UTC)


Every Friday I get a reminder to write something in my
diary. I've sort of been keeping time by these reminders,
but I think I only wrote in here twice.

I'm going to start using this a way to keep track of the
websites I build, and why I built them.

Today's page was "Dude, You're on Every Channel", sort of a
bio and page of information about the "Dude you're gettin'
a Dell" TV commercial guy.


I built it because I saw him on Neil Cavuto, and I thought
it would be timely. Plus, those commercials kind of
lightened things up for me in the dark anthrax days
following 9/11, mostly because a guy I'm mad at really
hated those commercials, and every time I saw one I knew
how much that guy would be hating it! So they brought me
amusement on many levels.

What can I say? I need to try harder to be a better person.

Cheers and Ciao!

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