Thoughts to Share
2002-02-16 04:45:36 (UTC)

Congrats are in order

I'm super-excited for some special ppl. First of all my
brother got into Western's music school. I knew he could
do it. :-) Tomorrow he's going to audition at Appalachain
(sp?). Also...Blake got into the business school. After I
finally got him to try to get into his mailbox again. ;-)
So I'm really happy for him too. :-)
Today was pretty much the usual Friday with a ton of
classes. Spanish was amusing...I don't know what Mr.
Rivera eats for brkfst...but maybe I should have some of
that. He cracks me up. Organic was quite depressing with
the return of our first test. Not so good, but a lot
better than it could potentially have been. It's such an
abstract subject to me. After class Jamie and I took a
trip to Food Lion and the post office. I had 2 cards, 1
from Beth, and 1 from my family. It had been a rough day,
well week...and Beth's was short, sweet, and to the point,
but it made me cry a little bit. I miss them so
much...Beth and Blake of course...ha. However, hopefully
Tuesday we're actually going to get together and spend some
time together. I really hope things work out...b/c I'm
quite excited about seeing them. :-)
Leslie came to visit Ashley...and that's all exciting b/c I
don't get to see her much. We went out to eat and I had
the most excellent salad. :-) Then we went to rent a
movie, except really we're not watching it. Hehe...but
it's Shrek and I've been wanting to see it for a while, so
maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. :-p
Dave called tonight. Hadn't heard from him in a while.
That was neat. :-)
I'm worried about my brother. He's the best guy in the
world and deserves nothing but the best. I know it's hard
living with my family sometimes, and I know they only want
what they think is best for him...but it's still tough. He
knows he has to stand up for himself...and there's going to
be a mad discussion about it sooner or later. However,
it's tough when things aren't discussed calmly...which will
likely be the case, and when there's nowhere to go but to
your room. Kinda like living in a dorm. Sometimes I only
want the best for people, but they have to make their own
decisions. I don't always know what to do or what to say
and that kinda bothers me. I just try to be me, and try
not to make too many people ill with me. :-( Sometimes
things just have to run their course I suppose. Doesn't
make it any easier knowing that though.