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2002-02-16 04:41:48 (UTC)

2/15/02 11:41:07 PM FRI NIGHT RADFORD VA

So much for attempting only seven hours of sleep last
night. I awoke only long enough to shut the alarm off and
get back to sleep. Still I woke up earlier than normal,
and spent some time working on a new Neuroexorcism song
called “Bugs In A Jar.” I finished the demo, before long I
will upload it online along with “Satan Claws”.

No mail today.

I spent the rest of the day [after my economics lecture]
watching The Black Adder. Then earlier this evening I went
to the [Lyric] theatre with phil and kim and saw a French
film, that I think everyone should go see. It’s called
Amelie. It will take me a few more watches to grasp the
complexity of the piece, but in one watch I discovered that
it was not only a photographic masterpiece, but a poetic
one as well.

I will probably spend most of the weekend expanding my
horizons in the library. I love the library, in a way most
people can’t recognize. 5 stories of endless books,
stories, poems…It drives me mad, I want to read it all,
that would of course never happen. Visiting the library is
like taking a walk inside an unbelievable brain. It’s
mind, wisdom, and kindness is far beyond not only humanity
but the structure it sits on.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of
Jorge Luis Borges