a little piece of me
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2002-02-16 04:33:29 (UTC)

another day

got another birdy today, hehehe. his name is elysian.
he's a zebra finch. you'd think he'd be a lucky
bastard...him and two lovely ladies. oh no. they're such
bitches! they won't let him come near the nest. so,
tomorrow, he's getting his own cage and a buddy or two. i
have to think of some names for him/them now.

what else? got some crap i didn't need today. that's
always thrilling. my old bookcase was filled to the brim,
so my mom brought mine from home. i painted it with zebra
stripes to match my room. it's full already hehe. made a
pic frame today, too.

damn, there was something i really wanted to write about,
but now i can't remember what it was. that sucks. oh!
matthew sent me flowers (via my mom) for valentines day.
wasn't that nice? the flowers are just pouring in lately!
they're in an animal print mug with a balloon that says
wild thing. it's zebra striped. red and white
carnations. very pretty.

hum, one more thing. tomorrow i'm going to go to the
metals room after my company leaves and work my ass off on
my box. i got the sides and the spiders completely sanded
today. they look really nice...very shiny. like mirrors
almost. my right arm is going to be buff by the time i'm
done with this class, while my left is going to be all
wimpy and pathetic lol. i've got a long way to go,
though. oh well. i love working in the shop. it keeps me
focused and occupied on something other than my own

alright, well, i was hoping to get to talk to heather
tonight, but i know things aren't going so well for her. i
really worry about her. i wish i could do something for
her. i'm talking to scott right now. he's one kick ass
guy. very brave :) i'm really proud of him! (go scott!)
ok, i'm being a dork, so i'm gonna get going. bye