Forgotten Misery
2002-02-16 03:27:33 (UTC)


Maggie made a diary coolness me and G corrupted her lol.
Ok heres my thought of the day Y do u always want what u
cant have? Hence y do I always fall for guys I cant and
will never have? Hence Jills boyfriend Nick does think im
cute im like oh no hes another jacoub murphy I see it now
im like keep the distance yet hes such a firlt and i
actually hold the firlting back its so hard but i refuse to
make him like me more its wrong yo! Plus im not sure what
is up with the whole nick thing the kid who I firlt with
and he firlts back even more is named nick in my speech
class ahh he is so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes a sopmore
ahhh never thought i would say someone younger than me is
hott ahh i think im getting desperate for a b/f again and
im like no dont need pressure cause when i get one the
grades will drop and stuff not coo but ahhh single no! but
single i stay!

Maggie::Gmt I miss u too!!!!!!!!! Dont worry got the
whole night and weekend mins to call u on !!!!!!!!!!!!

I come in next weekend guys ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cant
wait! whos gona come see me a dolled up? ok ok i just
woke up i went to bed at like 4 and its 10 now lol and im
gonna go back to bed in a few love u all