lost in the dark
2002-02-16 03:24:14 (UTC)

Gee Thanks..

Hey entry.

What is it with people. Even my own family I had to call
yesterday. There was one person that actaully made the
attemp and sent me just alittle line wishing me a Happy V-
day. I called and sent E-mail cards to family and so called
freinds. These days I find it really hard, even from the
people that I love the most, to get something simple like a
thank you. Talking to one person that I sent a small little
card to, I bet if it was not for me bringing it up, I
probably would not have even gotten what was said about it.
Now, I know Y I tried to stay out of the way of people.
Quote "I feel like just another face in the crowd." Well,
yesterday and today make me think that I was not even a
face in the crowd. But, something that you would pick off
the bottom of your shoe. Finding more and more that people
are thinking that they desirve to get instead to give.
Personnally I prefer to give, just to see the smile that I
get from what I give. Don't get me wrong I love to receive
as well. But, this time I can only thank my Darkest Angel
for sending me best wishs. And to Sister of course I can't
forget about you Babe.

Lost in The Dark....