the world acording to me.
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2001-04-29 04:52:55 (UTC)

hey there!

April 29th,2001

hey there all of you in diary world! This is my 1st entry.
if ya don't know keyboard slang then ya mite wanna brush on
some b4 my next entry. so i just got home from my 2nd
babysitting job and got $30 for babysitting for 4 1/2 hours.
I keep on wondering if there will ever be a time when i
actually won't be free saturday nites other than to be with
family and stuff. There's this guy, kevin, who i think is
really cute. but i'm the only 1. and i'm pretty sure my
friends think i'm crazy for liking him. I'm hoping that
we'll acually go on a real date soon the only dates we've
been on are with my bff, liz, and this guy, anthony, who
thinks they're dating but i'm not so sure. Then there's
this totally hot guy, ross, but he's in 11th grade and at
the other high school not mine even if he was at mine he'd
be out by the time i got their. I saw him in there school
play, Grease. With liz of course. if i'm boring u i'm real
sorry. o by the way, i'm kinda lookin' for an online bf.
so if you'r interested just email me and tell me bout urself
and maybe we could hook up in a chat room or something. ne
way, i'm tired now so i guess i'll leave. love babes.
email me for some feed back or ne ?'s u mite have!