Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-02-16 01:56:27 (UTC)

raquel's not good no more.

i found out my best friend in the whole entire world, isn't
really a goody goody anymore like she used to be. i knew
something would happen to her. She drinks now, her mom
doesent even notice all the liqor that has been
dissapearing in the house. i cant bileve this, i knew it
was only a matter of time. so we made all oure confessions
to each other, talked, cought up on each other, and talked
some moor. i love her and all, but she's gt stop drinking,
it's not good for her, i thought about it and it is
tempting, but i wont. i think i have more sense then her.
no offense to her though, well, i gtg,
always Hannah

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