Angela Nicole

2002-02-16 01:42:50 (UTC)


I miss my bestfriend so MUCH!!!.. He was the person that
knew me inside out.. and loved me anyway.. I didnt even
have to talk and he knew what I was thinking.. Times like
this I need someone like that.. I wish Matt could be there
for me like that but our "situation" doesnt allow it.. I
just need to hear Joes voice.. say " Angela It will be
ok".. He had away of calming me no matter what the
situation was.. But I kinda ruind our friendship I guess..
I dunno how to explain it.. He was in love with me.. and I
thought of him as a big brother causing MANY of arguments..
I just wish.. I could hear his voice.. Specially now after
Mr. J passed away.. Sometimes you dont realize what you
have until its gone.. I know Joe wont read this.. but..I'm
sorry for everything Joe.. I just need you to tell me
everything is gonna be ok..