A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-02-16 01:36:19 (UTC)

Life=decisions, decisions, and more decisions...

friday 02.15.02

yesterday was valentine's day. for me, it was pretty much
a regular day, besides the fact that there's heart shape
balloons and girls holding roses everywhere.

i did something pretty nice. since i cant be with the guy
that i like, i decided to be a \\\"delivery
buddy\\\" for my
cuddy. we bought a rose and she left it outside oj's
door. it was fun cuz we were so paranoid. everytime a car
turned down da street, i wanted to just speed off. but it
worked out ok. he mite not know how much he means to her,
but no one loves her as much as i do and i hope she will
get what she wishes for.

i really wanted to get him something too, or at least just
spend some time with him. but i didnt know what he would
have thought about that, so i didn't do anything. da baby
was sick, i hope she's ok now. she had to go get a echo
exam done for her heart today. i hope that turned out ok.
one thing that she must know is that her daddy loves her a
lot. his love for her is unconditional and hopefully she
will grow up never forgeting that.

i called him last nite. he didnt answer it tho. maybe he
was spending da valentines nite with her. well, whatever
he did, hope he had a good time... i left him a voice
message with a song. when i heard the song, it reminded me
of him, so i left it as a msg. hope he likes it.

song: \\\"...i haven't seen rain or cloudy skies, since
found u. i haven't seen a tear fall from my eye, since i
found u. im never home alone at nite, since i found u. i
hope u never leave my side. U brighten up my life...\\\"

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