The Story of Me
2002-02-16 01:15:36 (UTC)

FUS Results

Well I went to the Doc again today. I had a follicle
ultrasound done to see how well my ovaries are responding to
the fertility drugs. So far so good!! I was really nervous
going into the appointment because last time we didn't have
very promising results. The doc wanted me to have 3-5 eggs
responding to the medication and I barely slipped in under
the wire! Three eggs were at 10mm... we need to have them at
18mm before they will give me the injection to set them free
from my ovaries. The growth rate is 1-2mm per day, so I set
up another appointment for next Tuesday. Our hopes are that
they will all be at or near the 18mm. The true test will
come after that. They will give me an HcG injection
to release the eggs. If they release...on to the
intrauterine insemination. If they don't release...it's back
to the drawing board until next month.

My hands are all clammy just writing about this... we want
this so much. We have to keep positive and determined. In
the back of my mind I keep thinking... 6 cycles. Six cycles
is all you get to get this done. I fear running out of time.
But I also remain encouraged that my body is responding at
all. Much more than I can say for the last time we tried. My
face broke out... I got all bitchy...just ask Frank...lol

But the best part is that I finally feel like we are really
doing something about the lack of children in our lives,
even though I know this is not a 100% thing. Some
couples walk away from it with empty hearts and bassinets,
like this woman I work with. Her name is Dana and she is a
peach:) She and her husband went all through fertility
treatment about 10 years ago and nothing. BUT!!! I remain
encouraged because after 10 years of heartache, she
got pregnant over Christmas...all on her own:) So maybe
there is hope for me too:)

I have been doing a lot of reading about the importance of
pre-conception health, and while it's no big secret that I
am overweight, there were other factors to consider. I am
trying to quit smoking. Damn...it's a bitch. I wish I had
never picked up the damn things in the first place. The
second thing is that I have started back on Weight Watchers
and things are progressing well there. I lost 4.8 pounds my
first week back and that was very encouraging:) The third
thing I have been doing is vitamins. I have been reading a
LOT about the importance of the right amount of folic acid
before and after conception. I had been taking a
multi-vitamin and didn't realize there was NO folic acid in
it! So when I went to Wal Mart with Frank after my
appointment today, I grabbed a bottle of folic acid. We also
picked up some vitamins for Frank because spermies can never
be too healthy! lol

OMG!! You are never going to believe what the doc said to us
today!! It was funny as hell:) She was talking about the
intrauterine insemination and stuff. *cracking up while I
am trying to write this* And I asked if they "wash" the
sperms and she said yes. "We wash it to make sure we get rid
of all the stuff we don't need. We want to get rid of the
weak sperm and keep the strong, smart ones. So basically
there will only be female sperm left." LMAO! I cracked up!!
I should have asked if that was true... would be a fun thing
to torture men with, doncha think?! "Yeah, well, from the
moment I was formed, I was smarter than you." hahaha Well,
here's hoping I have a "productive" weekend!!