Lifeless Glitter
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2002-02-16 00:46:33 (UTC)


~*~Right Now~*~
wearing: black Bad Kitty American shirt and hair in a
ponytail with a purpleish blue scrunchie.
watching: The Simpsons
listening to: Lisa playing the saxophone.

I hate Valentine's Day...and I still feel bad the day
after. So, today's entry is probably a bunch of hate, after
the supposed day of love. ( poetic.)
Today and yesterday pretty much sucked. I'm single so I
already feel bad enough without couples constantly saying
how much they love each other and giving each other candy
and flowers and shit around me all day. If that's not bad
enough I just screwed up a potential relationship with this
guy I really liked yesterday.(HE SAID I WAS "EASY TO TALK
TO"! Ugh...I am not...heh.)
I wrote part of a song yesterday, so that helped balance
the good day/bad day scale out a little bit...but there was
this REALLY annoying guy (my best friend's ex) who was
nagging me and saying he liked me. He called me fine and
sexy, and said if he wasn't already going out with this
other girl, he would ask me out. So now, every afternoon he
asks if I like him. AND I DON'T!
Okay, now about today. I went to school, and it was kind
of weird in class because usually we have 26 people and we
only had like 15. A lot of people went to district academic
competition. Our Elementary(6th grade is still considered
elementary there...ugh!) Bible Quizzing team got 1st place,
so they're going to state, and I'm happy about that because
that means we get that day off.
We watched 2 movies in class today... Babe(woah...that one
had a surprise ending.) and Toy Story 1.(I like Sid so I
didn't exactly like them scaring him like that.) We got
extra recess at school too...too bad I have a small case of
writer's block. Brook(I'm going to put a people guide in
here later for people that I constantly talk about.) and I
usually just sit at the bleachers in the gym or at our
desks and write poems, but I couldn't think of anything,
and she couldn't think of much either.
This weekend is going to be pretty boring. Brook is
grounded from hanging out with me or Whitney for a week
because her dad saw what we said to some dude online when
we weren't supposed to be online, and Dad and Travis are
going to Alabama to visit Tara, so I'm pretty much stuck at
my house with my mammaw all weekend.
Brook left someone else's yearbook(the someone else goes
to a different school) at my school, so I took it home and
got a coupld of phone numbers of people to annoy(it was a
prep's yearbook)...hehe.

I think that's pretty much all I'm going to write for this I'm gonna go write my people guide, so you won't
be too confused about what I'm writing about.