Angela Nicole

2002-02-15 23:44:44 (UTC)

Valentine's Day is suppose to be Happy

My school lost a great teacher on Feb 14th.. Mr. J...
died in his class room before the 8 o'clock bell rang..
Some people think its bad that he died there but to all
that knows him and cares for him.. That's the best place he
could have taken his last breath.. He was the most devoted,
caring, loving, man all of us knew..He spent everyday of
the week at school from 6 am to 7 or 8 at night.. Preparing
the next days lessons.. Almost every weekend you could see
his car there.. He didnt have any children or a wife. So
for him WE were his family.. He was the hardest teacher in
the school his biology test were hell.. But if you gave it
your all and tried as hard as you could he would atleast
pass you.. He was a fair man.. People may have failed his
class but not a bad word was ever said about him.. Because
they knew they earned the grade..I used to never believe in
Angels but I do now.. He has touched many lifes.. and Even
though he is gone now.. The memeories of him will be
carried on for a life time.. Most people say he is a hero..
And many stride to be like him.. As Mr.J would say "Peace
Out".. I will miss you Mr. J