ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-02-15 23:40:00 (UTC)

BrokE LosER.....

Yesterday was the best Valentine's Day ive ever
had! I spent most of the day with Chris, and he is such a
sweetheart. He gave me an adorable teddy bear and this
big-o box o chocolates and he said that he loved me about a
million times! (ahhh!!! so cute!) and he made love to
me too. But he kept saying that he was sorry because he
was kinda tired and he was like " dont worry, this weekend
will be better, i promise..." but i didnt care! I love
him soooooooo much that he doesnt have to try and like
impress me or nuttin. I will never forget yesterday...
Tonight there is a 'Sweetheart Dance' at Centennial,
and some people i know are going and Paulina told me that
if she gets her car she's gonna go and i think Chris wants
to go too cuz he kept asking me if i wanted to go and that
he would pay for me cuz im a broke loser.

But i dont really want to go that much, its
probably gonnna be really gay. Plus Stix, Amber,
Brittany, and Lauryn are probably going to go out for
dinner tonight since they dont want to go to the dance, but
they want me to go and i dont know if im gonna go or not.
Im soooooooooo syked cuz this weekend's a 3-DAY
WEEKEND!! woooohoooooo!!!!! But i have
nnnnooooo idea what im gonna do.. I want to do something
though with my homies and hopefully nuthing
ilLegAl..... he he. I think right now im gonna go
try out the new game my dad bought for me for my
Playstation. Teken 3!! well later.