lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-02-15 22:58:13 (UTC)

"all grown up & wearing his own pants"

i'm really bored. reeeeally bored. there was a bright
spot in my day when dan came home for lunch and brought
gabe with him. that was actually really fun. and as i was
making food for the guys (ok marisa, i'm a total
housewife. i realize it now!) i was thinking "haha! i
have my kind of replacement zach right here!!" and then i
1) gabe is not a zach
2) i am demented
3) i didn't put the latest zach chronicle in here

so yeaaaaaaaaah. i don't like gabe LIKE THAT. but he's
super-nice and he's one of my guys i can totally just chill
with and be a retaaaaaaaaaahd. oh wait. that's all the
guys i know!! haha!! right. yeah but he's cool and he
made himself right at home which made dan & me make fun of
him forever and kristen had no idea what was going on cuz
we just kept saying "your mom" jokes...haha

and then we realized it was snowing so we all went outside
and stood in the snow and we frolicked and it was quite
enjoyable. but then dan & gabe left so i'm bored. yay.

yeah so zach chronicle: i went to cam on tuesday and
yeaaah...great fun. and meg made it a point that i got to
see zach, which was cool. we stopped miles & him while
they were walking and zach did the usual grab my
arm, "heyyyyy!", pat on the back routine. we talked for
like 30 seconds and then we left and it was fine. i could
have left then.

but then shandon came over to say hi to britt, and zach was
by her side and suddenly i realized "hmm the stories are
true..." fantastic. not to mention we ate in the same
hall as them and every few minutes i'd turn around and
notice them flirting and it was like, "oh cute!" it's like
seeing your brother make out with someone. basically the
same "hey!!" sort of feeling.