Procrastination is Key
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2002-02-15 22:56:46 (UTC)

the big V

So yesterday was Valentine's Day- and it was definitely
different than any I've experienced in my ENTIRE life, b/c
for once I actually had a Valentine! (I am not exaggerating)
So maybe I only got to see Michael for a short time last
night- but I got to think about him all day, and I was just
happy knowing that somebody was out there thinking about me
and caring for me:-)
Enough lovey stuff for those of you who don't care and
feel as though you might puke;-) As mentioned in earlier
issues, I had lab last night- one in which a lab report was
due. Of course I had not started it yet- only had made a
couple calculations to see what some of my results looked
like. So I sat at my computer from 1-5:30 without getting
up except for bathroom breaks- and got that bad boy done- it
was bad...but done. Then to my delight I had two fast lab
partners and we got out of there in like an hour and a
half!!! When you are used to 2 semesters of lab that would
last 4 hrs each, something like 1 1/2 hrs is amazingly
As I am sitting here I think that the baseball game just got
over. I can hear the announcer in the stadium and the songs
they play- oops, no he is still talking:-p I really wish
that I was watching it, but I figured that it would be over
by now or very soon- since it was supposed to start at 3- I
just got back from working out and getting my car(so I am
all nasty anyway)
I don't really have anything to do tonight- which is good,
considering I have gotten way behind on my reading for the
past two weeks b/c of tests I've tried to study for. And of
course I am going to Garner tomorrow:-) then getting back
early afternoon sunday and watching the bball game! RISER
SEATS!! YES!!! never had riser seats before- it will be
exciting, wish that I had had them one time last year when
we were actually good- but unlike some people- BLAKE;-)- I
am still going to the games despite the pain of watching.
Can't decide if I want to make myself some noodles tonight
for supper,or order something from tarheel takeout...
OH speaking of food! Kat Blake and I are meeting for dinner
next Tuesday- YAY!!! Its quite an exciting event:-P
ok thats all- this is the end of my rambling