mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-15 22:43:51 (UTC)

Valentines Day - a beautiful day !!!!!

I want to let the world know that I had an absolutely
super wonderful Valentines Day !!! - Lias & kids got me
beautiful cards, some candy , a few small gifts, but
then...lisa took and dropped kids off at one of their
friends & i got the best gift of all !!!! I had my 1st
professional massage !!! it was AWSOME !!!! - most relaxing
thing i have ever had. I totally love Lisa !!! she knows
what i need without even askin. She knows that i am under a
lot of pressure at moment, and she did what needed to be
done to help relieve pressure. If you have never had a
massage, it is sooooo relaxing ! , I wish that i could have
one every day ? ok, maybe at least once a week... I am
hoping that we can try to keep this up for at least once a
month, or maybe once every other month...
And i tried the parafin spa today as well, that also was
awsome ! I want to do that every other day for now , then
maybe twice a week after i notice some real improvement.
Lisa is takin Nicole to see the brittney movie tonight, and
i am stuck here @ work till 7 am. I am hoping that i can
pick up Jon & Jess on way home , otherwise we will have to
do it tommorow afternoon , before i goto work.
Will also have to write ex a letter , askin for kids for
month in summer , probably mid july to mid aug, not sure
yet , we will see bout the dates a lil later.
i guess that is all for now, so Take care , & I might
write more later.
Any feeback is appreciated..... caio !