A model's life
2002-02-15 21:52:05 (UTC)

My new life...

I guess i havent' written in here for a
lets see.... I just came back from d.c. yeserday afternoon
after being there for four days. it was pretty cool. and i
spent the night babysittng, which is valentiene's day. so i
did nothing special. i have been really busy lately. and
havent really thought about guys that much and shit...
i dont have the time or energy to focus on guys. yes
sometimes i miss liking someone or someone liking me. but
this time is to focus on me, my dreams and aspirations. i
wanna work out more and eat right and be healthy. I need to
drink more water, and clear out my system and be pure. I
wanna try to move myself to be a vegetarian, but i dont
know if that would work... but o well...

i have a big modelign job on monday and im happy about it!
hopefully i become a true model from this, lol! ummm its a
fashion show and ill be modeling like 5 outfits, so icant
wait! my fitting is on sunday! yay!

well i gotta go, i love feedback,