What's up now?
2002-02-15 19:52:42 (UTC)


Last night was friggin AMAZING!!!! Brian and I had such a
good night :) I seriously feltthe MOST content and
absolutly like myself for the FIRST time in a really long
time. We havent had a really good laugh in a really long
time, and last night we just goofed off and acted all was soo good!!! Today...well it's friday :) I
lovee waking up in my bed, looking at the clock and
realizing it was 1:00....I havent been able to sleep in, in
a really long time. I expected to get a call today
saying "hey baby, I'm hopme from school, and I really want
to hang out before I go up north" but did I get
one....ooooh no, definitly not...but whatever, that was her
choice, not mine....I have a had a very good morning, early
afternoon in light of all t hat...I have been watching some
90210, and just chillin...ts been better that I remember
home being :) ahhh.....Tonights Plans: Hanging out with
Erika!!!! Yippppeeee!!!! Im iss that girl soo much...SO
yea for us getting to hang out :) I cant even wait :)
Sweet!!! Hehe :) I'm soo giddy! Home makes me feel sooo
good!!!! Anyways enough of that...Tomorrow Brian and I are
getting dressed up, going out to dinner and then having
another good night :) I cant wait!! Sunday I get to see
my sister(Yipppeeeee) Ahhhh.....I hope this weekend NEVER
ends:) Hope everyone elses weekends are going just as
good :) Love you!